How to increase Hacienda range in Anno 1800?

Jan 18, 2023

The Hacienda is a New World building which allows for specific types of buildings to be added to your island. The Hacienda has a range in which buildings can be placed. That range starts off small, but increases as your island grows.

As main part of the Seeds of Change DLC, the Hacienda adds a lot of functionality to Anno 1800s New World. There are residences for Jornaleros, Obreros and Artistas. Farms for 8 different types of crops, breweries and even storage facilities.

All of these things need to be built inside the range of the Hacienda. That range isn't a fixed range though, growing (and shrinking) as your island develops. 

Why does the Hacienda range matter in Anno 1800?

The range of the Hacienda is its main drawback. Knowing that the range will grow later on, you will need to decide on both where to place the Hacienda itself and where to place the Hacienda modules

For instance, a Hacienda Farm needs to be in the Hacienda range. But, only the farm building. The farm fields can be outside the range as long as they are connected to the main farm building.

So, building Hacienda farms towards the edge of the Hacienda range is an efficient way to deal with the limited Hacienda radius. But what happens when that range expands later on? Will you move the farms again to the edge of the new range? Or will you build around it? 

Will there even be a point in an increased range? If you build the Hacienda itself too close to a mountain range of coastline, the increase in range might not even give you additional building space.

What does the Hacienda range depend on?

So Hacienda range is an important factor to keep in mind. Not only when building the main building itself, but also when building the farms, residences and other Hacienda modules. 

Begs the question: what does the range depend on? What factor determines the range of the Hacienda in Anno 1800 Seeds of Change DLC?

Here is the simple answer:

The range of the Hacienda depends solely on the population count living on the island the Hacienda is built on. 

The larger the number of inhabitants, the larger the Hacienda range to a maximum of a whopping 75 tiles at full capacity.

Bonus population?

Notice the empasis on living on the island?

Keep it in mind, as both commuter workforce nor influence bonus population are counted towards the population total. 

Of course, they help with your population workforce and they will work on your Hacienda farms or breweries. But this bonus population will not count towards the population determining the Hacienda Range. 

The range of the Hacienda depends solely on the population count living on the island the Hacienda is built on. 

Increasing population to increase Hacienda range

Knowing that the Hacienda range is affected by the population on the island itself, means you now know how to increase the range. Get extra people to move to your island. 

You can do this in 3 ways.

Provide more housing

You can increase the population the same way you've always done so: by building more houses or upgrade existing houses to Obreros (or Artistas if you have the New World Rising DLC). 

Regular housing needs to have access to a Marketplace, Fried Plantains and Ponchos to fill up the Jornalero demands. At that point, you can upgrade to Obreros and have even more people move in to the same house.

Build Hacienda Quarters

The Hacienda adds a new type of living space to the New World: the Hacienda Quarters. Each New Wold population tier has its own quarters which can be built straight away. So no more upgrading necessary!

Using Hacienda Quarters rather then regular residences has both perks and drawbacks. Quarters take a little more space (4x4 instead of 3x3), but can house more population. That population brings in more income, but has more demands. 

Still, building the Hacienda Quarters adds more population to your island (as long as you provide for their demands obviously), so it is a viable way to increase the Hacienda range. 

Unlock Lifestyle Needs (New World Rising DLC required)

By unlocking lifestyle needs, you can grow your population without having to build extra houses or residences. Great for islands where space is scarce or you just don't want to build more residences. 

When the New World Rising DLC for Anno 1800 is active, each population tier has their own lifestyle needs. Activating those needs will add a certain amount of population or income. For instance, fulfilling all Jornalero lifestyle needs, will increase the population per residence from 10 to 30. For a Jornalero quarter, it will increase the population from 20 to 55.

You can unlock each lifestyle need separately for each population tier. But unlocking the need for one type of housing (residences or quarters) will unlock it for the other type as well. 

For instance, unlocking and fulfilling the Jornalero Work Clothes lifestyle need will add 2 Jornaleros to regular residences and 5 to Hacienda quarters. Work Clothes will need to be imported from the Old World or produced as a by-product of ponchos when using an item. I can highly recommend Christobal Taffeta, the Trendsetter if you can get your hands on him! 

Hacienda range per population count

For the range of the Hacienda, you can refer to the following table.

Hacienda range for island population
Population Range in tiles
0 - 200 15
200 - 400 25
400 - 600 35
600 - 800 45
800 - 1000 55
1000 - 1200 65
1200 - 1400 75


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