When can you build tractor barns in Anno 1800?

Sep 21, 2023

In Anno 1800, reaching the best productivity possible is a key element of the gameplay. The Bright Harvest DLC adds several ways to increase productivity on farms, one of them being Tractor Barns.

Tractor Barns are a great way to increase productivity on your crop farms. Tractors increase the farm's fields and productivity. At the same time, tractors decrease the required workforce.

To make this happen, Tractor Barns require fuel to work. Fuel is a processed good, produced by a fuel station (which uses oil as an input good).

When do Tractor Barns become available?

In Anno 1800 with the Bright Harvest DLC enabled, Tractor Barns unlock when you hit 500 Engineers in any of your cities. 

As said, you'll need the Bright Harvest DLC enabled in your game. This DLC adds numerous productivity increasing features to Anno 1800, like the Tractor Barn. It also adds Fuel Stations (which is required to get Tractor Barns to work, as they need the fuel that Fuel Stations produce). 

Farms with tractor barns, tractors. To the right, a train has just delivered fresh oil to the Fuel Station.Grain and Red Pepper Farms in the Old world, with tractor barns active and tractors ploughing the fields. To the right, a train has just delivered fresh oil to the Fuel Station.

As well as crop farm improvements, Bright Harvest DLC also adds Silos. Silos provide similar benifits as Tractor Barns, but to animal farms. Silos unlock a lot earlier than Tractor Barns, opening up at 300 workers

What effect does a Tractor Barn have on the farm?

Tractor Barns greatly increase the productivity of crop farms they are connected to. This is achieved in several ways. The full effects are:

  • +200% productivity
  • +1/3rd production (you get an extra product every 3rd cycle)
  • +50% farm fields (so you do need some extra space)
  • -50% workforce required

The results are insane. Providing a crop farm with fueled tractors, raises the productivity to a whopping 400%.

A regular Grain farm with 144 fields. Productivity at 100%, producing 1 grain per minute.

To put this into perspective: A regular Grain Farm produces 1 grain per minute (60 seconds). You require 2 Grain farms for every Mill to provide enough grain for 2 Bakeries (2 - 1 - 2).

 A Grain farm with both Tractor Barn and Fertiliser Silo active and 216 fields (144 + 72 extra). 400% productivity and extra grain on every third cycle.

A Grain Farm with active Tractor Barn produces 4 grain per minute (1 every 20 second plus 1 extra on every 3rd cycle, so once every 60 seconds). That means 1 Grain Farm can provide 2 Mills with enough grain for 4 Bakeries (1 - 2 - 4).

Even more production!?

If you have the Seeds of Change DLC as well, you can increase it even more by adding a Fertiliser Silo. Adding Fertiliser will not require extra fields, but will increase both productivity and output. 

The full effects are:

  • +100% productivity
  • +1/3rd production (you get an extra product every 3rd cycle)

So by adding both Tractor Barn and Fertiliser Silo to a Grain Farm, you increase the productivity to 667% 👌


Calculation: With the 100% extra productivity boost, the production time is now lowered to 15 seconds. Every third cycle the farm produces 2 extra grain (1 for the barn, the other for the silo). That means in 3 minutes, the farm will have produced 3 * 4 grain itself, plus 4 cycles of 2 extra, so 12 + 8 = 20 grain in 3 minutes. That is a production of 6,67 grain per minute, which is a productivity of 667%.

Insane, right?



What you have to say (times 2)

Mason 8 months ago

Great item, thank you for the detailed explanation!

Anno.City 8 months ago

You're very welcome!

Peter 8 months ago

Where to get fertiliser to fill the silos please?

Anno.City 8 months ago

Hi Peter,

The fertiliser is a byproduct of animal farms in the New World, collected by a Hacienda Fertiliser Works. They collect Dung and produce Fertiliser from it.

Dung is only produced as extra good in animal farms which are located within the radius of the Fertiliser Works (which in turn needs to be built in the radius of a Hacienda). Those animal farms produce 1 ton of Dung every 3rd cycle of their own production.

Quick calculation: The Hacienda Fertiliser Works takes 30 seconds to process 1 Dung into 1 Fertiliser. An Alpaca farm produces 1 Alpaca Wool every 30 seconds. So every 3rd cycle means 1 Dung is produced every 90 seconds.

So 1 Fertiliser Works can process the dung of 3 Alpaca farms into Fertiliser.

Hope that helps!

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