Dragon Garden Cosmetic DLC announced

Jan 13, 2023

With the new Lunar Year upon us, Ubisoft is releasing a Dragon Garden cosmetic DLC so we can spruce up our cities even more!

The "Dragon Garden" Pack Cosmetic DLC was announced early December 2022 in the Union Update: What’s next for Anno 1800?

In that post, Ubisoft also announced that in 2023, there will not be a new season of DLCs. This is a great big shame if you ask me. All 3 DLCs of Season 4 add so much value to the game!

But, there are still a few additions to the game in the works for Anno 1800. More Cosmetic DLCs, like the Dragon Garden. Some patches and game updates and a "little something for the 25th Annoversary"...

Exciting stuff!

But for now, let's focus on the Dragon Garden. What can we expect this cosmetic DLC to add to our city building options in Anno 1800?

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The "Dragon Garden" Pack

Now, I'm not well versed in the lunar year cycles. I know they're based on moon cycles and are celebrated mainly in the (Middle) East. But Google tells me the new lunar year starts at January 22nd, so that must be right.

To celebrate it, Ubisoft is releasing the "Dragon Garden" Pack. It's a purely cosmetic DLC, like the City Lights pack and Amusements pack before it. That means it doesn't add anything "useful" (no functionality), only adding new ways to decorate or spruce up your city.

The Dragon Garden DLC adds, as the name might betray, Chinese style ornaments to Anno 1800. These include an actual Dragon ornament, a Garden of Serenity and some smaller ornaments.

Full list of ornaments in the Dragon Garden Pack

Ubisoft has already announced the full contents of the Dragon Garden cosmetic DLC. There are 21 ornaments in total, if you count the variants separately.

These are the ones I think are most notable:

  • Great Dragon
  • Stone Lion
  • Garden of Serenity
  • Peaceful Pagoda
  • Forbidden City Gate and modular Walls
  • Wishing Gate and Wishing Tree

For the full list, visit the Anno Union DevBlog!

Release Date and Price

The release of this new Dragon Garden Cosmetic DLC is scheduled for next week Thursday, January 19th.

Like all cosmetic packs before it, the price will be €4,99 (or the currency equivalent). You can buy it through the Ubisoft store or website and then activate it through the Anno 1800 game.

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