New World Rising DLC for Anno 1800: Now live!

Dec 8, 2022

The New World Rising DLC, the third part of the fourth Season Pass of Anno 1800, was released an hour ago. What are the first impressions?

A few things immediately draw attention. Others you just notice as you start playing.

Lets have a look at the first things that I checked out after booting Anno 1800 this afternoon!

New World, New Island

The new island Manola in the New World is HUGE.

As in, massive. Look at this space!

And look how beautiful the island is, with its cliffs and waterfalls.

Not only Manola is new (and did I mention incredibly large?), the New World itself is a fair bit more spacious.

If you load the New World Rising DLC in an existing save game, you will notice new islands have become available to explore (and claim!).

New World Rising minimap

New build menu

The build menus have also been improved. Or at least, changed. 

Not sure about the improvement yet, it's gonna take a while to get used to it. 

Anno 1800 - new build menu old world

There is a new main tab for ornaments (wedged between buildings and ships). Also, the sub navigation seems more sleek, with better icons and less text. The tab label is only shown when the specific tab is selected.

Anno 1800 GU 16 multi move tool

Multi-Move Tool

HALLELUJAH! The Multi-Move tool is a life saver. 

The amount of times I've had to move a block of residences one by one, just because I wanted to make room for some rail track or a Bank in the investor district...

It works great. You can use the Multi-Move Tool by dragging, instead of clicking. Just drag a rectangle around the objects you want to move (including road!). 

As soon as you release the mouse, all selected objects will hover underneath your cursor.

Pressing the left mouse button places the objects on the indicated spot. 

In the screenshot, I've selected 6 artisan houses and the road around it. I've marked the original location with an orange border. The yellow marker indicates the new location. 

As you can see, even the road is included when moving. 

Objects that are moved to an invalid location (for instance, because that spot is already occupied or in a mountain range or beach) are indicated with the red hue.

Pressing the left mouse button will put all objects down, destroying any invalid objects that were marked red.

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