Archibald Blake - Destruction quest "Art Attack"

Oct 23, 2020

Suddenly Sir Archibald Blake pops up, offering you a destruction quest.

How many ships will you have to destroy to collect the $9,240 bounty?

Every once in a while, one of the computer controlled players will offer you a quest. And while you may think that Sir Archibald Blake is a friendly sort of fellow, he does have it in him to be vengeful. 

"Would you believe it! The fools only stole the least interesting of my carvings to use as their figurehead!"

Calm down Archie, don't get your moustache in a twist. But seriously, are you into carving? 

Art Attack quest - The commission for the Art Attack quest by Sir Archibald Blake in Anno 1800

Oh well, carry on explaining the details of this destruction quest. 

"Since they seem to elsewhere at the moment, I see no harm in sinking such naive work, along with the bandit's vessel."

Apart from the missing "be" in the first half of that sentence, it seems straight forward enough. He offers a reward of $9,240 for the destruction of the fools' ship.

Art Attack

It is only after you accept this destruction quest, that you'll learn that it is aptly titled "Art Attack". In the quest book you'll find further details.

To appease Archibald Blake's thirst for justice, you'll have to destroy 1 Frigate

This is a regular frigate, not one of those enhanced Pirate Frigates that Anne Harlow sails.

Art Attack quest - The commission for the Art Attack quest by Sir Archibald Blake in Anno 1800

Battle plan strategy

You can destroy this 1 Frigate with just your Flagship and a Gunboat. Of course, having more firepower yourself is always a good thing.

Approach the enemy Frigate with both your ships. Use the Gunboat as a distraction and sail it away as soon as the Frigate starts shooting. The Frigate will still target the Gunboat until it's out of reach, allowing your Flagship to damage the Frigate enough so that once they start targeting each other, your Flagship will maintain the upper hand and sink the art thieves.

Did your gunboat get sunk in the process? Don't worry. For the $9,240 reward you can build yourself a new one. 

So, this voluntary "Art Attack" destruction quest is easily finished and the reward is definitely worth the effort.

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