Engineer Quest: Enigma B

Oct 11, 2021

Everywhere I go, people seem to look through me. Hmm...

"Can this enigma be decoded," the friendly engineer asks us. Yes it can!

Engineers are a very inquisitive bunch. They love riddles too, like this "Enigma B" quest. 

Enigma B - Enigma B Engineer quest - window factory

Look right through me

The riddle this lady engineer offers you starts like this:

"Everywhere I go, people seem to look through me. Hmm..."

Immediately you think of glass. Windows, spectacles, glass? Empty beer jugs?


Accessing the quest in your Questbook offers you another clue (in case you need it).

"What commodity is so transparent you can see right through it?"

Still, the empty beer jugs at the pub meet the requirements. But seeing as we don't own any buildings that produce beer jugs, it must be something more boring.

These days, I seem to be looking through windows quite a lot, being in lock down and working from home and what not. So it's either the glassmakers or the window makers. Could be either.

Enigma B - Enigma B Engineer quest - window factory

And there we have it. Yes ma'am, it's the window makers!

Just click on a window makers building (ANY window makers, even the ones of your competitors are allowed!) to finish this quest and retrieve your easily earned reward.

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