Emperor Ketema Quest: Taming the Towers

Oct 30, 2020

The Emperor of Embesa tells an interesting story about some animals. We just need to click the towers in the right order.

In the Land of Lions DLC of Anno 1800 we meet Emperor Ketema. He wants to unite all the different islands in his empire to work together and "make Enbesa great again".

While playing the storyline, you'll be taught in the ways and history of Enbesa. Emperor Ketema helps by telling you an ancient riddle, wanting you to click the corresponding towers on his Taborime Imperial Palace in the right order.

"First by the river was the Zebra, who startled when the Hyena giggled, who in turn yelped when the Hippo erupted from the mud. Then the Cheetah slunk through the tall grass and made them all tremble, except for the Lion, who slept.

This was no matter for a king."

Emperor Ketama Tower quest - In Anno 1800 - Land of Lions DLC Emperor Ketama wants some towers clicked in the right order


Now, there are a few orders you could think of. Like, the order the animals arrive at the river. Sure, the Zebra seems to be first, but the Hippo erupts from the mud. That surely means the Hippo was already there, before the Zebra arrived, yes?

Or maybe the Lion comes first, seeing as he is "the king" and should always be the first?

Well, no. None of that.

The right order for Taming the Towers

It is really as simple as following the order in which the animals are mentioned in the story of Emperor Ketema. 

So, to complete this Land of Lions (DLC) quest Taming the Towers, click the five towers of the Imperial Palace in this order:

  1. Zebra
  2. Hyena
  3. Hippo
  4. Cheetah
  5. Lion

Note: make sure you click the Lion Tower last and take care to actually click on the tower, not the palace building surrounding it. It takes a bit of hovering with the mouse to get the right spot!


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