Who uses Shampoo in Anno 1800 (and is it worth selling it)?

Dec 19, 2022

Shampoo is a consumer good in Anno 1800. It takes goods from the Old and New World in its production chain. But why do we bother making it, when there is soap already at hand?

I love shampoo. Not all kinds of them though. I'm an Axe (or Lynx, depending on your location) guy. 

Now, in Anno 1800, we have soap. Soap cleans Worker and Artisan bodies and Eli buys it off you for exorbitant amounts.

So why would we invest in a Shampoo production chain? To answer that question, we'll have to determine who uses Shampoo first


  • Tourists consume Shampoo as a Basic need
  • Engineers consume Shampoo as a Health Lifestyle need
  • Selling a full production chain worth of Shampoo to Tourists yields a $538 profit

Who uses Shampoo in Anno 1800?

Shampoo is a consumer good. In the normal consumption, it is only consumed by Tourists as a basic need.

The need will unlock after reaching 850 Tourists.

Aside from that, you can activate it as a Lifestyle need for Engineers for extra engineers and a tiny income. 

How to produce Shampoo

The production chain for Shampoo in Anno 1800 takes 8 buildings.

  1. Pig Farm x2
  2. Rendering Works x2
  3. Soap Factory
  4. Coconut Orchard
  5. Cinnamon Orchard
  6. Chemical Plant

The Chemical Plant is a multi factory. You can select the recipe after building it in the Old World.

The same is true for the Orchard: you have to build two in the New World and select their crop. Cinnamon crop in one, set the other one to Coconut. 

To reach full production effectiveness, you need 2 Pig Farms and 2 Rendering Works. Both of these buildings take 1 minute to produce a Pig and a block of Tallow, while the other buildings only take 30 seconds to do their job.

  • Pig Farms supply Rendering Works
  • Rendering Works supply Soap Factory
  • Coconut Orchard, Cinnamon Orchard and Soap Factory supply Chemical Plant
  • You can electrify the Chemical Plant for double the productivity

Is there profit in producing Shampoo?

Now, is it profitable to produce Shampoo for your Anno 1800 Tourists and Engineers? For that, we need to compare the expenses and income. 


The total building costs for the complete production chain is $57850. The Chemical Plant only will set you back $54000...

The total running costs for the complete production chain is $1110.


Selling Shampoo to your tourists is your main source of income for this consumer good. Being able to fully supply Tourists with their Shampoo need, will give you an income boost of $412 per hotel. 

It will also add 105 Tourists to the capacity of the Hotel they're staying in. 

One complete Shampoo production chain, can supply up to 4 Hotels.

You can also use Shampoo as a Health Lifestyle need for Engineers. Income wise, it will only add $8 to your income and add 5 engineers

Doing the Math

If you just use Shampoo as the Basic need to supply Tourists, you can supply 4 Hotels worth of Shampoo with 1 production chain. 4 times $412 = $1648 

Running costs for that production chain are $1110.

$1648 - $1110 =  $538 running profit

Using electricity to maximise profit

Now, if you want to use electricity for (part of) your production chain, you can maximise profits. 

There are several different way you can electrify the chain. I won't specify all of them, but will just electrify the Chemical Plant in this next example. That means the rest of the chain is doubled.

Note: assumption is that you already have an electrified production hub on your island you can connect the Chemical Plant to. Costs of electricity are not taken into account for this example.

  1. Pig Farm x4
  2. Rendering Works x4
  3. Soap Factory x2
  4. Coconut Orchard x2
  5. Cinnamon Orchard x2
  6. Chemical Plant (still just 1)

This will bring the running costs up to $1420

With this double production chain, you can supply 8 hotels for $412 income each, totalling $3296

$3296 - $1420 =  $1876 running profit

Bottom line: Lets get those Tourists nice and clean (and get rich while doing so)!

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