Fascinating North - Quizzed

Feb 5, 2021

Emperor Ketema asks you for a series of probing questions regarding the Old World. 

But, some answers can be locked. Especially early in game, take heed in the course you take.

Emperor Ketema asks you for a series of probing questions regarding the Old World. 

But, some answers can be locked. Especially early in game, take heed in the answer you pick to the first question. The answer to the final question determines the reward Ketema will offer you.

First Question

The first question Ketema asks you, is actually a two part question. The second part of the question depends on your first answer. But be careful, especially early game you won't have too many answers to choose from.

"No empire is built upon a single thing, but what would you say is the Old World's greatest legacy?"

Possible answers

  1. Our cultural impact.
  2. Our industrial prowess and economic growth.
  3. Our naval advancements and military conquests.

Choosing one of these three answers, will lead to these follow-up questions. The first answer to the follow-up question is always available. Answer 2, 3 and 4 are only available if you've met the requirement.

Our cultural impact

  1. Actually, I don't know that much about culture
  2. A small museum or zoo is usually enough to keep visitors happy (1.000 Global Attractiveness)
  3. Substantial investment in museums and zoos is essential for the sharing of knowledge and culture (3.000 Global Attractiveness)
  4. I've worked like a Trojan to put every animal and artefact under the sun on display at my zoos and museums (10.000 Global Attractiveness)

Our Industries

  1. To be perfectly honest, my own cities are microscopically small
  2. If one's cities are too excessive in scale, one can lose too much of the romantic... (10.000 Global Population)
  3. I pride myself in cities vast in population, with access to every comfort and convenience (30.000 Global Population)
  4. Metropolises everywhere! Not a sheef of wheat lies unguzzled by the hungry gob of progress! (1.000.000 Global Population)

Our naval advancements

  1. That said, I own scarcely a scrap of a fleet myself...
  2. I have a few ships, but I'm probably not the best known sea-lord... (Military rating 60)
  3. My ships and defences are widely known for their might and domination of the seas. (Military rating 100)
  4. You're talking to an old salt! y fleet is the largest and mightiest ever seen! (Military rating 300)

Second Question

The second question is just the one. Answering it doesn't trigger a new question, but this concludes this part of the Enbesan storyline. The next "quest" is to pick up the reward, which seems to be depending on the answer you provide Ketema with right now.

"And what do you like the most about your position as an architect, builder... polymath?"

Possible answers and their rewards

  1. Exploring the world, unearthing its secrets
    • Item Polyglot Scholar Rahim (Ships)
    • Movement speed for ships: +10%
    • Peace Mode for ships (prevents being attacked or attacking)
    • Expedition bonus
      • Faith: 30
      • Diplomacy: 50
    • Buy for $823.000, sell for $20.575
  2. Becoming a master builder - the keystones of my business
    • Item Mosquito Net (Trade union)
    • Enbesan Crop farms: +20% productivity
    • Expedition bonus
      • Medicine: 20
      • Hunting: 15
    • Buy for $82.300, sell for $20.575
  3. Governing my people, ensuring they grow and thrive.
    • Item Elder Selassy'e (Town Hall)
    • Enbesan residences: +7 happiness
    • 20% reduced needs for Dried Meat
    • Expedition bonus
      • Diplomacy: 30
    • Buy for $109.100, sell for $27.275
  4. Being a sea lord, controlling the seven seas.
    • Reward item: Colonel Barzagli (Harbourmasters office)
    • Defence turrets maintenance cost: -75%
    • Defence turrets attack speed: +20%
    • Expedition bonus
      • Naval Power: 45
      • Force: 20
    • Buy for $348.400, sell for $87.100

Unless you already have a full fleet, I'd suggest going with the first answer to get the Polyglot Scholar Rahim. When equipped in the military slot of a ship, this item will give the ship diplomatic immunity. This means the ship will not be attacked. Okay, it can't launch an attack either, but that's a small price to pay to keep the peace, wouldn't you agree?

This will come in handy in some of the following quests, as you will have to visit the kingdom of Angereb. And those pirates are quite the hostile bunch...

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