Eden Burning Scenario: 12 tips!

Dec 16, 2021

Here is all the information, including the 12 tips, for the Eden Burning Scenario.

It was added to Anno 1800 in Game Update 13 in December 2021.

Background story

The Pyrphorians have been driven from the New World, but the consequences of their occupation are still being felt. On an ancient island, the inhabitants enjoy the electricity provided by an oil-powered generator left by the Pyrphorians - but the delicate ecosystem is slowly being destroyed. The leader of the islanders, Yaosca Rodriguez, has written to ask Isabel Sarmento for help.

You play as Isabel Sarmento. Your task is to help the islanders generate electricity in a safer, greener way: by building a hydroelectric dam.

Challenge your skills by embarking on this colossal construction project while maintaining the island's ecological balance. Explore an ancient land scarred by the Pyrphorian occupation, find sustainable ways to build your town, and respond to crises caused by the collapsing ecosystem.



  • Complete the Dam Project


  • Complete the Dam Project
  • Keep your Island Health above 80%


  • Complete the Dam Project
  • Keep Island Health above 80%
  • Complete scenario within time

Hints, tips and tricks

  1. It is rumoured that before they evacuated the island, the Pyrphorians hid some crates of resources...
  2. La Xultuna is covered with ruins left over from the Pyrphorian occupation. Remove them to help the island heal faster. 
  3. Farms of the same type placed close together will cause a monoculture effect, negatively affecting your soil quality. Diversify your farms for a positive polyculture effect. 
  4. The Herbarium - a collection of botanical knowledge and samples - is a new resource required to craft valuable items and train specialists at Yaosca's Harbour. Find Herbaria in the world, or solve Maya's quests. 
  5.  Decision events will trigger if your eco values get too low; if your resident needs remain unfulfilled, or if your treasury balance becomes negative. Beware: events triggered by critical eco values may have permanent effects!
  6. The Move tool is disabled in this scenario. Plan your expansion carefully!
  7. This region hides many mysteries. Explore the surrounding islands with your flagship, and search for rare plants to compiles in a herbarium on La Xultuna.
  8. Resource deposits are limited in this scenario, but they can be replenished with items crafted at Yaosca's harbour.
  9.  Legendary items can be used in every run: if you craft them once, you 'll find them in your harbour when you load your next game!
  10.  There are now three new buildings which actively combat pollution. The aquafarm, water purifier, and forester. They must first be unlocked by crafting their blueprints at Yaosca's harbour.
  11.  Fish shoals can be depleted, but they will regenerate over time. The rate of regeneration depends on your water quality.
  12. Most of your production buildings have a negative environmental impact. Try to counter their negative effects with items crafted at Yaosca's harbour, or the new mitigation buildings: the aquafarm, forester and water purifier.

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