Is it worth building Ship of the Lines in Anno 1800?

Jan 29, 2023

Anno 1800 has a plethora of ships for players to build and utilize, Ship of the Lines being chief amongst them. But with so many other ships to choose from, is building a Ship of the Line worth it in Anno 1800?

In the early stage of the game, you must rely on the small Gunboat and Schooner to carry your growing empire across the water. As you advance, more options become available.

Each ship has its own merits, but also possible downsides. This post will explore the advantages and disadvantages of building a Ship of the Line and help players decide if it's worth investing the resources.

What is a Ship of the Line in Anno 1800?

The Ship of the Line is a majestic vessel. Largest of the sailing ships, it has 3 cargo holds for 50 tons of goods each and 3 item slots for (sailing) ship affecting items.

It is armed with cannons on both sides, but cannot fire directly to the front like a Gunboat can. It has 4000 hitpoints, has a range of 68 and 53 damage per second.

The Ship of the Line can be built in the Shipyard. It unlocks at 750 Artisans. The costs are 60 timber, 30 sails and 30 cannons. Upkeep costs 250 coins per minute. 

Advantages of Building a Ship of the Line

Now we know what a Ship of the Line is and costs, let's talk why you should invest. 

There are 3 key advantages of using Ship of the Lines. 

1. Superior Combat Power

The Ship of the Line is the most powerful military sailing ship in the game, with a formidable amount of firepower and a high health pool. This makes it an excellent choice for players who want to protect their trade routes and defend their islands from enemy attacks.

The two available variants, a Royal Ship of the Line and the Pirate Ship of the Line, are even more powerful. They boast increased health, speed or fire power. But, you can't add them to your armada without either a trade agreement with a pirate or specific items.

2. High Trading Power

The Ship of the Line also has a high trading power, making it an excellent choice for players who want to maximize their trading profits. With its large cargo hold for 3 times 50 tons of goods, it can carry a large amount of goods and deliver them to other islands quickly and efficiently.

Of the sailing ships, only the Clipper has a higher trading power (4 times 50 tons) and the Frigate is equally equiped. The Clipper has the obvious disadvantage of being defenseless. The Frigate has one less item slot and has only 2000 hitpoints (half of the Ship of the Line), but is faster. 

3. Prestige and Status

Building a Ship of the Line not only gives you a powerful tool for trade and defense, but it also increases their prestige and status within the game world. This can help you secure better trading deals and alliances, as well as increase both influence and power.

Especially combat oriented AI players, like Anne Harlow, will appreciate your growing power. Increasing your relationship with Anne might even get you a trade agreement, which opens up the possibility to buy Pirate Ship of the Lines from her. 

Disadvantages of Building a Ship of the Line

So these Ship of the Lines sound like the best ships around in Anno 1800. At least, up to the point where steam ships come in the picture.

But they do have some drawbacks though.

1. High Cost

Building a Ship of the Line is expensive, requiring a large amount of resources and time to construct. You must weigh the benefits of building a Ship of the Line against the cost and decide if it's worth the investment.

The cost of building a Ship of the Line:

  • 60 timber
  • 30 sails
  • 30 cannons

2. Maintenance Costs

The Ship of the Line also has high maintenance upkeep. The upkeep is $250, which is a lot if you compare it to a Clipper ($175) or Frigate ($100).

There is also the influence cost. To keep a Ship of the Line afloat, it will cost you 8 influence. Again, this is much more than the Clipper (2 influence) and Frigate (4 influence).

You must factor in these costs when deciding if it's worth building a Ship of the Line.

3. Vulnerability to Pirates

This one is going to sound a bit strange. 

Despite its power, the Ship of the Line is vulnerable to pirate attacks, especially in the later stages of the game. 

Ship of the Lines are very strong. But in their bulk, they aren't very easy to turn and navigate around. Pirates often use the nimble Gunboats or more powerful Frigates. And it's not just one ship either, pirates have multiple gunboats or frigates floating around.

Where as a single Ship of the Line fighting a single Gunboat or Frigate will definitely win, being harrassed by 3 Gunboats the Ship of the Line will have a hard time fighting off the enemy.

You must be prepared to protect your Ship of the Line as a trade ship, for instance by having it guarded by a Frigate, as losing it can be a significant setback for you.


Building a Ship of the Line in Anno 1800 can provide you with a powerful tool for trade and defense, as well as increase your prestige and status within the game world.

However, it also comes with high build costs, high upkeep (both financial and influential), and is vulnerable to pirate attacks. 

Ultimately, whether building a Ship of the Line is worth it in Anno 1800 depends on your goals and resources as much as those of your opponents.

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What you have to say (times 1)

Jack 6 months ago

Can we get Pirate Ship of the Lines as well somehow?

Anno.City 6 months ago

Hey Jack, You sure can!

Pirate Ship-of-the-Line will randomly appear to purchase from one of the two pirates... if you can manage to reach a trade agreement with them 😉

Or you can build them yourself. You'll need the item Shih Yang, Shirer of Pirate Ships-of-the-Line and place it into a Harbourmaster's office or Docklands main building close by the shipyard.

Getting that item is going to be a challenge though. Sometimes von Malching will offer it as a reward for a quest. Or drop it as flotsam after destroying on of his ships.

In rare cases, it's rewarded after finishing a Rescue Expedition.

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