Which goods provide Medicine on expeditions in Anno 1800

Jan 29, 2021

Every expedition in Anno 1800 requires at least three different traits, like medicine. Apart from items, different goods are a good way to provide those traits to your expedition. 

This list of goods provides Medicine to any expedition in Anno 1800.

When on expedition, it's always good to take somebody with at least a basic knowledge of human anatomy. You never know who'll get hit by a mysterious virus on route to the Far East... 

Medicine is a skill in Anno 1800 expeditions for which you can rely on items or goods. Medicine is a trait that rarely pops up in expeditions, but it does happen now and again.

Goods that offer Medicine bonus

Now, there are quite a few goods that actually provide a medicine bonus to your expedition. They are:

Good Bonus per 50t Rations? Session
Potatoes 5% X Old world
Sugar 5% X New world
Salt 5% Enbesa
Spices 5% X Enbesa
Cotton 10% New world
Tobacco 10% New world
Cocoa 10% New world
Fish Oil 10% New world
Soap 15% Old world
Rum 15% X New world
Cotton Fabric 15% New world
Schnapps 20% X Old world
Work Clothes 20% Old world

    Of this list, Schnapps and Work Clothes are the goods with the highest medicine bonus. And, they're also readily available on your islands. Or at least: they should be! 

    And as an added bonus: potatoes, schnapps, rum, sugar and spices also provide rations. So if your next expedition needs medicine, either one of these will give you both the medicine bonus as well as the rations. 

    Also, two other things to take away from this list:

    1. Don't let anyone talk you into taking fish oil tablets for your health. You're way better off having a glass of schnapps for breakfast. The people at Ubisoft know what they're talking about.
    2. Both Cocoa and Sugar provide a medicine bonus for expeditions. Yet Chocolate, made from those two, does not. Somewhere during the processing, the resources loose their healing abilities. So why does my wife claim chocolate makes her feel better, I wonder?

    Items offering a medicine bonus

    Of course, there are plenty of items providing a medicine bonus to send with your expedition. Ranging from 4% (normal items) to as high as 75% (legendary items), you're spoiled for choice as the game progresses.

    Now, there is one downside of using items. If you are using a military ship for your expedition (I tend to use Frigates a lot), a medicine item will usually take up a cargo slot. Unless it's a military item of course. 

    You should always keep at least one cargo slot available, just in case you'll find a bonus item on the expedition. Especially the Land of Lions expedition from the DLC will provide some bonus items along the way. Such a shame to have to ditch them!

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